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NLE Choppa has cleared up any questions surrounding his sexuality after his raunchy new single raised eyebrows.

The Memphis rapper shared a new track, “Slut Me Out 2,” on Friday (April 12), but it began turning heads back in March when he debuted it at Rolling Loud.

The song — a sequel to his 2022 hit — features lyrics such as: “If I was a bad bitch, I’d wanna fuck me too, hmm/ I’d wanna suck me too, hmm/ I’d wanna slut me too, hmm.”

That led to some fans questioning his sexual orientation, with one social media user writing: “He basically saying he’d fuck a sexy dude. He’s literally admitting to having lustful thought about men.”

Another said: “What makes it worse is that he literally could have changed just like 4 words to make it at least alright but he just had to make it sus.”

Prior to the single’s release, NLE Choppa appeared to anticipate more negative reactions and attempted to silence the online chatter ahead of time.

“I understand me being in love with myself as a BLACKMAN is so RARE to the point some people try putting the homosexual jacket on my name but with all due respect I love ALL, but my intimacy lies with women only,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

“Slut Me Out 2” isn’t NLE Choppa’s only stunt that has confused fans in recent weeks.

Last month, he raised eyebrows by getting a portrait of Chrisean Rock tattooed on his face in an attempt to troll the reality star’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Blueface, but it later turned out to be fake.

The 21-year-old made the revelation in an interview with The Shade Room, explaining the idea was proposed by Lil Mabu and that it was all done for the sake of “content.”

“The face tatt idea came from Lil Mabu, so y’all gotta go blame him because he told me to do it,” he said, adding that he’d initially said no to the idea and that he doesn’t know how Chrisean felt about the stunt because she refused to take his phone calls.

He continued: “It was photoshopped, too. I just [took] a picture of my face, blended it all good. That idea came about through Mabu, and I said you know what? I thought about it for a day, talked to some of the guys about it. They said, ‘Man, that sh*t would go viral.’…So I said, let’s just do it.

“We trolling or whatever, but we just trying to make the best content for the fans, for the music.”

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