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The Barbz will protect Nicki Minaj and defend her honor whenever and wherever. This was made apparent on Thursday (December 24) when Nicki tweeted her frustrations over the alleged terrible service she received from Red Lobster and Wendy’s.

“Idk who needs to hear this but Dear Red Lobster, when I order fried shrimp Fried shrimp I PROMISE U, I want TARTER SAUCE. Not cocktail sauce. At least put both,” Nicki wrote in her tweet. “Sincerely, mother of a new born w/no nanny. Also, Wendy’s: Pls stop forgetting my ranch sauce with my chkn nuggets.”

Within minutes, Nicki’s loyal fanbase rose to the occasion and began targeting the food chains through Twitter. Some called for a boycott while many others scolded the popular food chains for messing up their Queen’s order.

”Now the barbz gonna form up and end two entire million dollar restaurant chains,” read one tweet.

”Calling up mommanika we making a red lobster & wendy’s disstrack and calling it ranchys revenge . @NICKIMINAJ, ” another fan wrote.

Last week Nicki sent the Barbz after some people who somehow got her number and wouldn’t stop hitting her up in a group chat. The Queens rapper was visibly upset and decided to share the unsaved numbers to her 21.6 million followers.

”Barbz, have no mercy,” Nicki said in one of her tweets.

One of the people in the group chat recorded a video of herself trying to clear her name with Nicki and her die-hard fans. She explained she was added to the group chat randomly and saw several celebrity iCloud e-mail addresses floating around the room. The girl thought the e-mails were all fake, but it turned out Nicki’s was real.

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