Nicki Minaj Reveals Why She’s Never Worked With Kendrick Lamar

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Nicki Minaj returned with the first Queen Radio episode of 2020 on Monday (Feb. 10). The jam-packed radio show comes on the heels of a busy week for Minaj, who released her first single of the year with “Yikes” on Friday. She was also involved in an ugly social media feud with Meek Mill that saw her accuse her ex-boyfriend of beating women two days prior; the claims were rejected by Meek.

Minaj graced the mic in NYC’s Beats 1 studios just shy of 4 p.m. after DJ Boof ran through a plethora of Nicki’s hits throughout the years. “There were times last year, my mind was not clear. I looked back and realized things I was saying were a little bit much,” Nicki said, taking accountability while reflecting on her 2019.

The Queen rapper wasn’t planning to put out “Yikes” until she was pushed by her label and management after the snippet went crazy online two weeks ago. That’s why you hear “two different Nickis” on the first verse of rhymes versus the second. In a separate interview, Minaj confirmed that the track wouldn’t be part of her fifth studio LP.

50 Cent joined the program as a surprise in-studio guest. Nicki credited her fellow Queens native for paving the way and giving hope to a lot of people in the community. “There’s a place for bad music, it’s television,” 50 joked about pivoting from music to a successful film career. “It’s the biggest television show in the world and you’ll be like, ‘Who is that?’ They got the big budgets.”

Nicki teased the “If I Can’t” rapper about his lovey-dovey relationship with Jamira Haines. “It’s the listening,” 50 said when asked the key to their relationship working. “We all have baggage from previous situations, but I like her. She’s cool people.” Jackson has another show premiering on Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET in ABC’s For Life, which is loosely based on the life story of Isaac Wright Jr. He even said Nicki can star on one of his upcoming shows.

Minaj also connected with her “Tusa” collaborator Karol G on FaceTime. “Everybody loves you as the ‘Chica Mala’ in our Latina culture. It was a song around the world,” she said of Nicki. “Our song is charting everywhere. It’s like a monster song and I’m super happy to have you there because I admire you and I’m super grateful.” Nicki described the song’s process as “organic,” as they exchanged tracks until finding the perfect fit.

Nicki also showed a ton of love to the Barbz throughout episode 17, as she went on to call a few of her lucky fans in the U.S. and across the pond in Europe. Those on the other end of the phone line would also have the opportunity to score Fendi prints, Minaj merchandise or a trip to Queen Radio in the future.

Another fan chimed in asking why she hasn’t collaborated with Kendrick Lamar yet. To which she joked that “he don’t wanna get washed” on a record. Minaj respects Kendrick’s craft and hopes to work with him in the near future. “He respects the craft of rap,” she continued, while seemingly hinting that the “craft” is becoming a lost art.

She even had some thoughts on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leaving the royal family. “Kudos to Harry,” Nicki said in support. “Real men always say, ‘Happy wife, happy life.’ It’s so attractive and turns me on. It’s like, put your woman first and make sure she’s happy. With what happened with Princess Diana, we don’t need a rerun. And if you’re being bullied in the media, then by God, he should support you in getting the f— up out of there.”

Before the episode came to a close, Minaj welcomed a number of upcoming rappers including Maliibu Miitch to the spit their hardest freestyle over the “Yikes” instrumental. Listen to Queen Radio here.

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