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Nicki Minaj was spotted rehearsing choreography from Pink Friday 2 standout “FTCU” ahead of her upcoming world tour.

In an Instagram livestream, Nicki can be seen rapping along to the song as she and backup dancers move through a routine.

The short clip shows Nicki moving less than some of the backup performers, causing some to wonder how skilled she is as a dancer.

One commenter wrote: “Girl you supposed to practice too I’m convinced she can’t dance.”

Another added: “Nicki don’t need to dance just walk around n look cute gf n please stay off that floor,” referencing the “Roman’s Revenge” singer’s penchant for performing on the ground.

Other users were relieved that Nicki was taking a break from her feud with Megan Thee Stallion.

“This is what she should’ve been doing last week instead of going on a 6 day rant” said one user.

The negative reactions to the rehearsal video weren’t the only slights Minaj has taken of late.

Earlier this week Shannon Sharpe made it clear that he won’t be having Nicki Minaj as a guest on his podcast anytime soon.

The athlete-turned-podcaster took to Twitter on Sunday (February 4) to shut down a fan’s request for him to host the New York native.

“@ShannonSharpe Nicki said a few days ago on Stationhead she wanted to be on your podcast!! I really want to hear you talk to her about everything going on in the media and especially after her snub tonight!” the social media user wrote.

Sharpe, however, seems indifferent to the idea as he quote-tweeted the post soon after with a succinct: “Nicki who?”

The “Big Foot” rapper also left Kai Cenat unimpressed. Hw shared his thoughts on the Megan diss track during a recent livestream.

Over the weekend, the Twitch star, who previously hosted Minaj on his channel, took to the popular streaming platform where he shared his opinions on the cut.

“I didn’t like this one,” he began. “Y’all always say I’m not honest but this is me being honest with y’all. Not for me,” he added.

“How would anyone be mad at my opinion and my opinion only?” he asked.

His question notwithstanding, the admission was met with a series of cancellations and unfollows.

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