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Nick Cannon has gotten a polarizing reaction from fans on social media over his cover of New Edition’s 1988 hit single “Can You Stand The Rain.”

The media mogul took to his Instagram earlier this week with a black-and-white video of him sitting at a piano and playing the keys to the legendary R&B band’s song. With his Ncredible logo on a set of television screens behind him, Cannon begins by belting out Johnny Gill’s opening lines.

Once he’s in his pocket, Cannon sings Ralph Tresvant’s part on the chorus a tad off tune, but it doesn’t stop him from continuing his cover. The 42-year-old’s attempt had fans buzzing in his comment section.

“Respectfully, i feel like you trying too hard. But I ain’t too mad at it,” one person wrote. Someone else said, “As long as he don’t put out an R&B album, we saw how his rap career turned out.”

Another person wrote, highlighting his singing ability: “I think I got pregnant listening to him sing that song baby yessss Nick.”

“Sir sir why are we just finding out you can sing you should of lead with this,” a second person added.


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For years, Nick Cannon has been the source of jokes regarding his Hip Hop career. With this latest video, many are wondering why he hadn’t shown this side of his creativity sooner.

Meanwhile, T.I. recently revealed that he lost out on a role in the movie Drumline to Nick Cannon because he didn’t know how to play the drums. Tip shared the news during a visit to Club Shay Shay last month and explained Drumline producer Dallas Austin approached him for the role.

According to T.I., everything went perfectly normal until he was told he needed to learn how to play the drums which he wasn’t trying to do at the time.

“I was working on my first album, he was telling me about his first film and you know, I was always like, ‘Yo bruh, put me in it,’” T.I. said. “And he was like, ‘Aight, yeah man! Say less.’ And he sent me to go read and I read and they were like, ‘Man, you got to learn how to play the drums.’ And I was like, ‘I could play like I could play the drums.’ They were like, ‘Nah, you gotta learn how.’ I was like ‘Mannn, I don’t wanna do that.’

He added: “I just didn’t want to commit myself to it at the time. It wasn’t there. But I read and I didn’t get it, and that movie went on to be Drumline. Yeah, I was reading for Nick Cannon’s part. But look, that opened the door for me to do ATL!

“After I didn’t get the role for Drumline, I went back to Dallas and said, ‘Man next time bruh, just give me the role. I ain’t going to read or nothing! Just give me the role.’ And he was like, ‘Cool,’ and he just gave the role for Rashad in ATL.”

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