Ni Ni Nun Na Ne_May You Rise By BeOmega

2021-02-22T13:26:17+00:00February 22nd, 2021|

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Upcoming artist Prashant Trivedi a.k.a PT shuts the critics up with his new brainchild, the soulful practice of psychedelic rock known as BeOmega. The indie pop rock project is rising at the top of music charts with the new music video release ‘Ni Ni Nun Na Ne_May You Rise’. It is crafted with funky pop-soul, and pumped-up lyrics interlaced with strums of the finest guitar grooves. Pinx is the mastermind behind the nifty drum beats that covers the whole rebellious anthem-like stardust. The video is based on the eccentric adventures that the motley musicians expose themselves to and their effort to define the alternative reality they have dreamt of. ‘Ni Ni Nun Na Ne_May You Rise’ carries the essence of mighty hooks of PhacT and psychedelic rock rhythms. The video is innovative and has a contemporary approach that triggers you to escape to the new world that the artists are building for the upcoming generation. It is the embodiment of distilled beauty that’s too elusive to find in the world.

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