Mystery Solved: Playboi Carti Is Finally Back With a New Video

2020-04-17T11:02:51+00:00April 17th, 2020|

Playboi Carti is keeping his word this time around. After teasing cover art for new music on Tuesday night (April 14), Carti skates right back with his comeback single “@ Meh.”

Directed by Carti and Nick Walker, the Die Lit rapper brings his previously-released dark blue cover art to life, as we spot him sitting in the same position as we found him in his photo. From the get-go, Carti awakens and begins rapping in his signature baby-sounding voice. “P—y ass n—as just talk shit / those P—y ass n—s ain’t ’bout that sh-t,” he spews on the hook.

Produced by Jetsonmade, the beat has a vintage video-game feel, with Carti plowing his way through with quick hitters, that at times come across inaudible. Despite the minimal effort on the visual front, Carti relishes his dark backdrop, as half-naked women later accompany him.

With the release of “@ Meh,” does this signal the upcoming release of Carti’s sophomore attempt, Whole Lotta Red? Let’s see where the “Magnolia” rapper decides to take us next.

In the meantime, watch his new video for “@ Meh” below.

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