Moneybagg Yo Accepts Rick Ross’ ‘Show Us Your Closet’ Challenge

2021-12-27T18:19:12+00:00December 27th, 2021|

Moneybagg Yo had a very profitable year in 2021, and with that comes the finer things in life, such as new homes, cars, outfits and more. Over the weekend, Moneybagg Yo took to his Instagram with a peek at his closet with all the nice things he has in it.

In the Instagram post shared by Akademiks, fans can see a selection of collectible sneakers on the floor of his closet while others were placed on shelves. Next to those kicks were various jackets and sweatshirts, and at the top of the closet were different luxury boxes from Dior, Chanel and Fendi.

Fans were less than fascinated with the Memphis rapper’s closet as they paid more attention to the mess in the closet than what he actually had in there.

“It’s Hella untidy,” one person wrote while another said, “N-gga just come home and throw shit in the closet……literally.”

There’s no explanation as to why Moneybagg showed off his closet, but some think he answered Rick Ross’s challenge on social media from last week. Even if that’s not the reason, fans could be comparing Moneybagg’s wardrobe to the lavish one Rick Ross revealed last week.

On December 20, The Biggest Boss took cameras inside his massive walk-in closet in his Atlanta, Georgia mansion. The wardrobe is so big that Rozay issued a challenge to his peers and fans to what their closets look like.

“When them boys be talking about they fly and all that, fuck showing me your outfit; show us what your closet look like!” Rozay said in the video before pointing at a ladder inside the closet. “I got that shit that’s in Nieman [Marcus]. Bitch gotta climb up there.

“I ain’t even organize this. So when you getting dressed up now, just know, when you walking around with Rozay, this only one closet. We got a lot of closets!”

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