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Singer, songwriter, recording artist, producer, & pop star – Miami Made David

— has emerged from the Miami-area with his first single “The Only One”, second single “Roll With Me”, 3rd single “I’m Coming!” and now 4th installment “Shut It Down” of which all are available on numerous outlets from IHeart radio to Amazon, Spotify and Tidal to name a few.

The Miami-born native which birthed his name “Miami Made” has truly created his own unique sound and style, incorporating different instruments and sounds which he learned to play at a young age starting with piano and then moving to guitar, which was all self taught.

MMD’s style is a very positive, smooth, melodic, type of Pop/R&B with a Hip-Hop twist and is gradually gaining a nice following through word of mouth, social media, radio, video, online streaming services and major blog websites.

MMD just released his latest single “Shut It Down” and is currently in production with the filming of the new music video. His last music video for “Roll With Me” gained massive U.S. and worldwide airplay inside the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, Four Seasons and Hard Rock Hotels as well as other Hotel Resorts & Retail outlets, played on Sound Chamber TV reaching over 1.5 million homes, OKTV reaching 4 million homes in Germany, was the Lead Video in the Witness Realist TV episode, played on Groove Parlor TV with a reach of 1.2 million and also featured in the Hype Magazine and Exposed Vocals website.