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Meek Mill has proposed a deal that he hopes will help combat the rampant gun violence in his hometown of Philadelphia.
The outspoken rapper and activist took to X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday (March 20) to propose a generous deal to help fund gun violence initiatives with his recording income.

He wrote: “Ima do a public contract with the city of Philadelphia where 10% of my music earnings go to the city of Philadelphia to combat gun violence in our city… ima start this movement! PIP [sic] PHAT GEEZ.”

He added: “I wanna do in [sic] contract the city of Philadelphia!”

The proposal was in response to the tragic killing of fellow Philadelphia rapper Phat Geez, who was killed outside of his own home.

Earlier this week, Meek paid tribute to Phat Geez on X (formerly Twitter) and criticized the high levels of violent crime in the city.

He wrote: “Rip phat geez…..Philly is a terrible place for black people to live… you see too much death!!!! Smh.”

Phat Geez, real name Derrick Gant, was found dead on March 17 following reports of a man carrying a gun on North Tanney Street where the rapper lived.

Meek’s attempts to help didn’t end there, though.

Earlier in March, the MC pledged to support Philadelphia mayor Cherelle L. Parker after a mass shooting left eight teenagers injured.

According to NBC Philadelphia, three gunmen opened fire on a bus on March 6 as high school students waited at the bus stop.

Responding to Mayor Parker appearing on the news to say “enough is enough” in regards to continued violence in the city, Meek said he wanted to be a part of the solution in his hometown.

“I wanna help her especially with education,” he wrote on X. “I have dreams of working with the Yas foundation with dream chasers academy to offer these kids resources with technology and to travel outside of that environment to understand life! I’m in on reform ima join helping with education!”

The “Dreams and Nightmares” MC isn’t the only Hip Hop superstar to take initiative when it comes to gun control.

EARLIER THIS WEEK,Quavo launched a new initiative in honor of his late nephew, Takeoff, with the aim of controlling gun violence in the city of Atlanta.

Billboard reported that the ex-Migos rapper launched the Sparks Grants Initiative, which will award ten organizations grants of $10,000 each for their programs focusing on gun violence and its regulation.

“I am honored to launch this grant program to honor Take and the countless families that have been affected by gun violence,” the 32-year-old said in a statement. “The Rocket Foundation will be giving out $100,000 in Spark grants to local organizations dedicated to reducing community violence in Atlanta.”

He continued: “There is a lot of important work going on in ATL right now, and part of our mission is to uplift these organizations and support them to help save more lives.”

Applications are still being accepted for the grants, and the deadline to apply is April 21.

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