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Meek Mill has received some honest responses from fans after asking them to “tell the truth,” and share whether they think he “fell off” or not.

On Wednesday (June 14), the Philly rapper took to Twitter in order to conduct this “social experiment” and said regardless of what fans decided he wouldn’t take any answers personally.

“Who think I fell off or don’t really think I got it with rapping anymore?” He wrote. “I’m fr I need answers and tell the truth I’m not taking it personal. I need to hear how people think before I do what I do! A social experiment! Answer if you a supporter of mines!…I’m not asking for confidence either.”

Check out Meek Mill’s tweets below:

The responses immediately began to pour in, with many fans admitting it’s time for Meek to drop a project.

“I don’t think the rapping fell off but I didn’t feel the heat off the last few releases,” one user wrote. “The best have been there so no biggie – def would love to see you collab more often with some bigger names like you used to though. Ready for that comeback album! Big fan!”

“It’s time to drop an album meek,” another user admitted, while another fan wrote, “Fell off and I’m from Philly been listening to you for years.”

However, numerous fans were supportive of Meek’s current status, with many proclaiming him to be a living legend with nothing else to prove.

“It sounds like you’re more relaxed in your rhymes,” wrote one supporter. “Nothing’s wrong with that Meek. You’ve brought your dreams to reality many moons ago.”

Another added: “I think you don’t have anything left in rap to prove Meek. I’d appreciate and support any form of art that you put out. Including business ventures. I rock with you because you ain’t in the box… and of course I think you still can rap, be fr.”

Check out the responses below.

The last full-length fans got from Meek Mill was 2021’s Expensive Pain, which was his final album for Atlantic Records and featured guest appearances from Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, UK rapper Giggs and others; it was his first studio album not to feature a verse from his Maybach Music label boss Rick Ross.

The Dream Chasers leader admitted on the one-year anniversary of the project last October that the album was a good learning experience about how not to do business.

“1 year Anniversary to the last album idk how money I made off it or had no control over the overall plan and I only made 13% off it lol,” he captioned the album’s cover art on Instagram at the time. “I’ma make 10m + off every album I drop from here on out.

“I was caught up in that slave shit that’s why I been taking long …… that shit still on this album! everything I do flames! they don’t really promote music with morals in that system … now it’s my go now ima crack the code on getting paid for rapping! #Expensivepain.”

He added: “Don’t show me plaques show me checks how much each song make ? shout to roc nation And @ninachanel pressed p on this.”

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