Meek Mill Flames Michael Rapaport For Calling Him A “Trash Rapper”

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It’s a well known fact actor Michael Rapaport doesn’t hold back when it comes to his commentary on the culture. During a recent Twitter tirade, the Beats, Rhymes & Life director set his sights on Meek Mill following this weekend’s performance at the NBA All-Star game.

“Meek Mill, great story,” he tweeted. “Great look. Trash rapper. Sorry. Meek Mill have a hearing problem? Because he rhymes off the actual beat on everything he’s on. Literally off the beat, like NoFlow.”

Meek caught wind of Rapaport’s comments and called him out for talking big online but asking the Philly-bred rapper for a photo in person.

“Aye @michaelrapaport don’t ever use the word trash when you speaking on nothing from our culture unless you tryna get trashed,” he wrote. “#2 who gave you authorization to be speaking on us? #3 what you charging now? Last time I seen you you wanted a selfie. be great tho on the net.”

Rapaport also claimed Meek wasn’t even in the Top 20 when it came to the best Philly rappers. At the same time, Rapaport roped Drake into his commentary and told his 359,000 followers Meek essentially blew his chance to smoke Drake during their 2015 war of words.

“Meek Mill isn’t even a top 20 Rapper from Philadelphia & you guys are mad at me?” he tweeted. “You make 300 songs 5 will be OK. #MeekMill.”

He continued, “Meek Mill had a chance to prove he was a dope Rapper,” he said. “And then came DRAKE. That was a moment to stand tall as a RAPPER. Like I said, great story, great look probably gonna do some positive stuff, none of that means you’re a DOPE MC. Dragged by Drake?”

Although Meek misspelled Rapaport’s name in his tweet, Rapaport will likely fire back. It’s just a matter of time.

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