Master P Responds To Kodak Black’s Breakfast Club Interview: “You’re The Police”

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INSTAGRAM – Master P and Kodak Black once had a mentor-mentee type of relationship but evidently that’s over. In a new Instagram post, the No Limit boss had some words for the Pompano Beach-bred rapper after he caught wind of Kodak’s recent Breakfast Club interview.

During the conversation, Kodak talked about their severed relationship and insinuated P wanted money for mentorship.

“How you gonna say, ‘OK, it ain’t about no money,’ but then turn around and be on some money shit?” Kodak said.

Master P told his 1.3 million Instagram followers that wasn’t the case. He insists he was simply trying to help Kodak.

“A lot of these artists, when you try to help them, they say something crazy,” he said in the clip. “The only thing I was trying to do with the little boy was help him. Everything you doing on social media is telling on yourself.

“You’re the police because you’re telling on yourself. You’re putting guns. You’re putting money up. You got 150 Gs, but you can’t give 10 Gs back to the community or school you went to.”

Master P continued in the caption, “2019 I’m investing my energy, time, and money into movies because movies can’t talk back. If you want to be successful it’s ok to say you don’t know everything. It’s ok to reach out to people who have been there before you. Put your trust and faith in God.

“Just remember the same people you tried to play games with on the way up you might need on the way down. I realized I can’t change or save people because you have to want to do that yourself. Don’t be afraid to grow up. Most importantly never burn relationships with people that kept it 100 with you.”

Watch Kodak’s Breakfast Club interview below. His comments about Master P begin around the 24-minute mark.

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