Master P Partners With Walmart To Bring Rap Snacks To 4,200 Stores

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New Orleans, LA – Master P has reportedly partnered with Walmart to bring his Rap Snacks chip brand to 4,200 stores across the country. The No Limit boss recently sat down with MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari to discuss his latest business venture. During the conversation, he was asked if he was ever not taken seriously as a businessman — even after all of his success.

“I had a situation the other day where I met with a guy and he was like, ‘I expected you to be a whole different person” ’cause I was prejudged by music — not the business that I’m creating to build an empire and to build a generation of wealth for your family,” Master P replied. “You have to make changes.

“Nobody is perfect. I put my trust and faith in god and tell people, ‘You can’t prejudge somebody’ because everybody can change and everybody can grow.”

Rap Snacks has also joined forces with Atlanta-based vegan burger restaurant Slutty Vegan to create their first-ever vegan potato chip. The product was inspired by Slutty Vegan’s health-conscious yet savory menu and will come in two flavors.

They will be shopped at every location Rap Snacks are sold starting in December. Rap Snacks and Slutty Vegan’s mission is to “provide vegan options to culturally diverse consumers who may otherwise have less access and knowledge about vegan snack options.”

Watch the clip above.

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