Lord Jamar Responds To Royce Da 5’9’s Commentary On Eminem Slander

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Royce Da 5’9 hit up Instagram last week to call out Lord Jamar for constantly criticizing Eminem during his VladTV interviews. Now, Jamar has finally responded to Nickel Nine’s commentary with a lengthy tirade of his own.

On Monday (August 26), the always outspoken Hip Hop vet jumped on Instagram Live and gave Nickel Nine his two cents.

“I bet y’all thought I wasn’t going to reply to Mr. Royce Da 5’9,” he began. “Wrong! Let’s unpack this, shall we? An IG just surfaced recently a couple days ago of Royce Da 5’9 talking about me. What up Royce? Apparently you were a little upset — again. I thought the video was old actually. But nope, it’s a new one. People don’t really ask me about you Royce. They ask me about Eminem, but for some reason, you like to respond. OK. I get it. You’re a loyal guy.”

Before he dove into the meat of the situation, Jamar called Royce’s approach “almost passive aggressive.” He pointed out Nickel Nine started his IG video by calling Jamar a “legend,” which he found rather odd.

“Now, let’s just unpack that real quick,”he continues. “The reason why he would call me a ‘legend’ and my group ‘legendary’ is because when Brand Nubian came out, our debut album received five mics in The Source. At that time, The Source was the Hip Hop muthafuckin bible. And to get five mics, not many people had done it at that time. Later on, the publication went down and started giving mics away, but at that time, getting five mics in The Source was some shit.

“Also, when our shit came out, our shit was everywhere. The hood was fuckin’ with us. The suburbs was fuckin’ with us. From the jails to the college dorm, black people white people, like everybody was fuckin’ with Brand Nubian and it was a legendary time. This is when people would buy a tape and you knew you had a poppin album ’cause niggas was riding around the street and all you’d hear was basically one album, or certain albums that were poppin’ at that time.”


The Brand Nubian MC added, “Our run was legendary. Our impact was legendary. We made knowledge of self cool, palatable. People came before us that had knowledge of self. Rakim made it super cool … Big Daddy Kane … but when we came with it, we went just a little deeper and made it a little more palatable.

“A lot of people got knowledge of self through fuckin’ with our music. That’s what makes Brand Nubian so legendary. Why dude would even start out his whole rant about that and say that so thank you and respect for acknowledging what I’ve done in this game as a legend. Thank you. I appreciate that.”

In Part 2, Jamar insisted he rarely thinks about Eminem and only discusses him because he’s asked about him on regular basis. He then explained where his true issue with Eminem lies and pinpointed why he believes Royce decided to speak up.

“I’ve been done mad interviews and people ask me about Eminem,” he said. “I really don’t give a fuck about Eminem to be honest. He’s not someone I’m really thinking about. The only reason I bring him up is because you have white people that will say Eminem is the G.O.A.T. of Hip Hop based upon his record sales. That’s the only problem I have.

“Do I think he’s a top-tier lyricist, just rhyme speaking? Yes. I’ve said that multiple times. How many fucking times do I have to fucking say it? The guy puts words together well. I think what prompted this newest video is my man DJ Vlad, who so many people love to hate, asked the brother Conway — shout out to that whole Griselda movement. I’m fuckin’ with it — he asked him basically all the shit I said. Now, he disagreed with me as far as Eminem being a guest in the house of Hip Hop. He did agree with me on the fact that niggas in the hood don’t really listen to Eminem.”

Of course, Jamar wasn’t done there. He said his declaration that people in the hood don’t listen to Eminem wasn’t a “diss” but a “fact.” He also said Conway co-signed his sentiments so Royce should go at him with the same energy.

He also reminded his viewers Gucci Mane once said the same thing.

“Niggas ain’t listening to no got damn Eminem,” he said. “When? Where? How?”

Finally, Jamar ended his diatribe by pointing out his “opinion” seems to bother Royce “very much” and that being a “black man” is what makes him the “yard stick of cool.”

Watch the full Instagram Live session above.

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