Lizzo Sends Cardi B Bouquet of Flowers With Handwritten Note: ‘I Just Love Her So Much’

2020-09-17T10:31:52+00:00September 17th, 2020|

Lizzo gave Cardi B her flowers Tuesday (Sept. 15) for her “success this summer” after “WAP” topped both the Billboard Hot 100 and the first-ever Billboard Global 200 chart (dated Sept. 19).

Cardi showed off the beautiful bouquet her Hustlers co-star sent on her Instagram Story last night, which came with a handwritten note that read, “Flowers for a flower! Congrats on all your success this summer – Know you are loved and are love. P.S – I’m sending you something good this week. Love, Lizzo!”

“Isn’t Lizzo like the nicest person in the world?” the 27-year-old rapper mused in the video. “Look what she sent me! She is just a beautiful a– person, I just love her so much. These are so pretty!”

Cardi told Hot 97 in an interview last month that she wanted Lizzo as another leading lady in her and Megan Thee Stallion’s splashy “WAP” music video, but the “Truth Hurts” star was unfortunately out of town.

“I’m cool with Lizzo and everything. Like, we’ve been sending DMs to each other and all that. But she was on vacation and she wasn’t in town,” she told the station about how the cameo slipped through her fingers.

See the bouquet on Cardi’s IG Story here.

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