Lizzo Posts Emotional TikTok About the Disorienting Rollercoaster of Fame

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When you see Lizzo on TV or in a video it seems like she’s living her best life. And she is. But fame isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be and in a recent revealing TikTok the Grammy-winning “Truth Hurts” singer lays down some real talk about her rollercoaster ride in the spotlight.

“You can be, like, the coolest, most richest person ever and it doesn’t buy you f–king happiness. Money doesn’t buy you happiness. Fame only puts a magnifying glass on the s–t that you already have,” Lizzo says in the close-up video in which she stares right into the lens with a white towel on her hair and no make-up. “And if that s–t is f–ked up, you’re just going to have even more magnified f–ked up and s–t situations where it doesn’t even seem valid or like you’re even like supposed to feel that way and so it f–ks you up even more because you feel super f–king ungrateful.”

Her voice choked with emotion, the singer/rapper who has prided herself on playing it straight with her audience, then addresses her fans and encourages them to dig deep and make sure they’re paying attention to what is going on in their lives. “So, I’m just telling everyone now, anyone who has internal issues or has like any type of self problems that they need to work out, work out now,” she says. “Because money, fame, or success or even getting older doesn’t really fix that s–t. You need to just, like do it, do the inner work, do the inner work, because no matter where you are if you don’t, it’s going to haunt you like a f–king ghost.”

She’s still working on her stuff every day, she says, adding that it’s okay to not have a great day sometimes.

Watch Lizzo’s TikTok confessional here.

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