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Lil Pump is no stranger to going against the grain, and his latest stunt has one of Hip Hop’s most notorious tough guys contemplating the generational gap between them.

On Wednesday (October 25), the “Gucci Gang” rapper shared a pair of Snapchat stories showing off his freshly painted fingernails and toenails, as well as the multi-textured extensions on his fingertips.

“Got my nails done,” Pump captioned one post, allowing fans to share their thoughts on the other by asking: “Y’all rockin wit it?!”

Confused by this, The Game hopped into the comments section of a Hollywood Unlocked reshare of the images and wrote: “Mannnn… what happened lol.”

This isn’t the first time that the Compton MC has ridiculed Lil Pump’s fashion choices. Earlier this year, the rainbow-haired rapper shared a mirror selfie on social media showing him wearing a long V-neck shirt and a feminine puffer jacket that barely extended past his armpits.

The Game couldn’t help but share his thoughts on the look, writing: “The rapture coming” under a repost by The Shade Room in late April.

During a conversation with Complex just a few weeks prior, Lil Pump addressed the constant negativity in his social media comments and explained why it doesn’t bother him.

“More people love me than hate me,” he said. “And I’ma say this right now: everybody who talks shit in my comments – every single body – I have never to this day seen one person walk up to me and say that shit to my face. Everything is on the internet. Nobody has ever walked up to my face and said nothing crazy. So this shit’s not even real. It’s fake to me.”

He continued: “I see thousands of comments, everybody talking shit. But you see me in person, the first thing everybody does, ‘Oh Pump, let me get a picture!’ Like, it’s all love. They don’t ever say crazy shit to my face. But it is what it is. I’m just making music to have fun. And if I piss you off, I piss you off. Oh well.”

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