Lil Nas X Claps Back at ‘Industry Baby’ Criticism & Comparison to ‘Montero’ Video

2021-07-24T09:15:42+00:00July 24th, 2021|

Lil Nas X is drawing the line between his new music video for “Industry Baby,” featuring Jack Harlow, and the one he filmed for his Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper “Montero (Call Me by Your Name).”

After the Friday (July 23) release of the new NSFW video — which, to be fair, he provided very clear warning for ahead of time — the rapper discovered critics on Twitter were still hard-pressed from his controversial “Montero” visual, where he pole-dances down to hell and gives Satan a lap dance before killing him. One user asked for prayers for Kanye West, who co-produced “Industry Baby” with Take A Daytrip, because of LNX’s previous “demonic” release after sharing Billboard’s original article about “Industry Baby” being out.

“I’m happy he’s found Christ but there’s so much compromise,” the Twitter user wrote, referring to the direction ‘Ye’s music has taken since his back-to-back 2019 gospel projects Jesus Is King and Jesus Is Born, the latter of which is credited to the Sunday Service Choir. “And then to find out that he helped produce that demonic sonf/video that Lil Nas X made is so upsetting.”

But the 22-year-old rapper shut that down immediately by responding, “There was nothing demonic about the industry baby video. just say u hate gay people musty.”

LNX was also surprised to find out that people took issue with his latest video, which in one widely discussed scene depicts a group of naked men dancing in a prison shower. “Lil nas is definitely doing too much now,” another Twitter user wrote, to which Nas wrote back, “N—a i literally went to hell and twerked on satan but gay prison is where you draw the line ?!”

The only through-line between the two visuals is the beginning of the “Industry Baby” video depicts a fictional courtroom scene between the rapper and Nike following the temporary release of his viral “Satan Shoes” in March, which he announced after dropping “Montero.” (The actual court case between Nike and MSCHF settled in April.)

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