Lil Mosey Wanted for Rape Charge After Missing Court Date

2021-04-26T07:42:02+00:00April 26th, 2021|

Abench warrant has been issued for rapper Lil Mosey‘s arrest after he failed to appear for his court date Wednesday to answer for charges of second-degree rape.

Mosey, real name Lathan Moses Echols — best known for his top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hit “Blueberry Faygo — was charged April 2 in Washington state’s Lewis County with rape in the second degree, accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with a person who was incapable of consent.

The investigation into Mosey, who burst on the scene at only 16 after releasing songs on SoundCloud, began Jan. 6 after a Lewis County detective was contacted about a house party where the alleged incident took place. According to court records, a woman said she attended the party with another girlfriend at a cabin in Randle, Washington, held by Mosey. When the woman arrived, there were other people there and they told detectives that they kept to themselves most of the night. At one point in the night, someone brought out White Claw hard seltzers and champagne for the girls to drink, according to the affidavit of probable cause filed in the case.

The woman told police that she did not remember much after drinking the champagne but remembered walking up in an upstairs bedroom in her bra and underwear and someone telling her there was video of her having sex, according to the affidavit of probable cause filed against the 19-year-old rapper by the Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office. The victim recounted she grabbed her friend and they left the house. The next day, a detective contacted her, and she said that she had no specific memory of the rape taking place but that she remembered people saying she had sex.

On Jan. 9, detectives interviewed the other woman who said she remembered Mosey getting into their car and pulling his pants down. She admitted to having consensual sex with Mosey in the car. She says then her memory “gets fuzzy” and the next thing she remembers is being in the cabin with guys on her and a man later identified as Francisco “Cisco” Peter saying, “wake up, wake up, suck this di–, bi—,” according to the affidavit for probable cause. She said she later received a message from one of the people at the party where the guys were talking about “training two girls.” She told the detective that she had injuries that she could not explain including bruising on her arm, neck and inner knee. The alleged victim later told detectives that she remembered blacking out and walking up with Mosey having sex with her in an upstairs bedroom.

After reviewing the information from the detective, Lewis County Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Paul Masiello requested that Mosey be detained to face charges of second-degree rape.

Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney Jonathan Meyer tells Billboard that, if convicted, Mosey faces a minimum of 78 to 102 months in prison. “Any crime against a person is going to be taken very seriously by this office, especially when we have the time of actions that are alleged here,” Meyer says.

Mosey’s rep has not responded for a request for comment.

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