Life’s a Candy-Colored Beach in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s Eye-Popping ‘Bongos’ Video

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The calendar says September, but Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B are clearly not ready to give up their Hot Girl Summer in the new video for their latest joint single, “Bongos.” The Technicolor extravaganza that dropped on Friday (Sept. 8) is filled to bursting with a rainbow of high-fashion looks, shoes so impossibly stacked that even Lady Gaga would have trouble balancing in them and, of course, lyrics that will keep censors working overtime.

For their first collab since 2020’s Billboard Hot 200 No. 1 smash “WAP,” the pair tapped Ukrainian director Tanu Muino (Lil Nas X, Lizzo, Harry Styles), who kicks things off with a shot from behind of dancers in brightly colored bathing suits bouncing along to the song’s hypnotic “bong, bong, bong” refrain as they balance on beachside chaise lounges on geometrically shaped high heels.

After a quick glimpse of Cardi laying in the sand in a purple and pink bikini with a gigantic furry matching hat, the “Jealousy” rapper struts her stuff in Carnival-like blue, pink and yellow flamingo headdresses and matching bathing suits for a mansion full of men in bikinis as she busts out the song’s provocative first verse. “N—a eats this a– like a plum/ This p—y tight like a nun/ Better chew it up like it’s gum/ Then wipe your mouth when you’re done,” she raps over the song’s insistent beat.

“I’m hot like Nevada/ P—y get popped, piñata/ B–ch, I look like money/ You could print my face on a dollar,” Cardi adds before the “Beat it up (bong bong bong bong)” refrain comes around and Cardi twerks in front of an open fridge while rocking a burgundy string bikini and matching cascading braids.

Cardi warned fans in a preview DJ Whoo Kid interview that fans shouldn’t expect the “Bongos” video to serve up the same energy she and Meg brought in the eye-popping “WAP” clip, but the two definitely share a similar high-fashion, all-the-colors-of-the-rainbow aesthetic, minus the latter’s celeb (and big cat) cameos, of course.

Cardi kicks off the second “Bongos” verse modeling one of her wildest outfits ever, a body-hugging paisley bodysuit that matches the pattern on a couch she grinds her hips on while dissing unnamed “dusty-a– hoes.” After Cardi’s surfside hip-swiveling routine with a half dozen dancers, Megan gets her spot, entering the action in a provocative green monokini and matching headdress while posing on a diving board.

“This a– sit like the stallion/ All these wannabes my lil’ ponies/ These hoes camped out in the comments/ Always talkin’ like they know me/ Thick b—hes in the black truck, packed in,” Meg raps before busting out her own routine on a swim-up platform in front of a massive mansion while bragging about a purse so big “had to treat it like a person.”

And while Cardi promised Whoo Kid the video was “intricate [and] beautiful” and that it had a “different theme” than the “WAP” visual, don’t worry, there are still plenty of be-thonged butts shaking throughout, as well as a Bollywood-style section where Cardi, Megan and their dancers rock the sand in bright, gauzy outfits featuring billowing material on their hips fanned out like wings.

Along the way the pair pose provocatively on a strip-club-worthy oceanside jungle gym before Cardi steals the show with a final, over-the-top look that includes a flowing curly copper wig, enormous orange and purple earrings and foot-high chunky heels that would make an acrobat topple over.

Watch the “Bongos” video below.

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