Kid Cudi Almost Done Rescheduling Insano Tour After Foot Surgery, Promises Next Album Is Mind-Blowingly ‘Tasty’

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The MC posted two videos, including one in which he described his unnamed next project as “some of the best” music he’s ever created.

Kid Cudi is feeling confident as he continues his rehab from recent surgery on his foot after he broke his calcaneus — the bone that forms at the heel — while jumping off the stage at Coachella last month. Forced to cancel his planned Insano world tour as a result of the injury, Cudder has been cooling his heels as he rehabs the foot, providing an update on Thursday morning (May 16) about his ongoing recovery and teasing an upcoming album he thinks is his finest work to date.

Wearing a grey hoodie pulled around his face, the rapper, 40, shared some exciting news in a pair of video posts in which he said, “I’m all good. I feel fantastic. Healing is going great. Therapy’s been great. No pain. I think I’m gonna bounce back from this stronger than ever, so there’s that.” He also announced that he’s already rescheduled “about 80%” of the tour and is just waiting to lock in some of the remaining dates, promising to provide an update as soon as he can.

“I’m excited, man… the tour was gonna be physically demanding, so I might have to change some things depending on how my recovery goes,” he explained. “I think I’ll be go though, I think I’ll make a full recovery. That’s what I’m praying for.”

He then paused the nearly two-minute video and directed fans to check out a second, nearly five-minute clip in which the constantly evolving MC provided a blueprint for what he promised was his very exciting next phase. Noting that he’s been telling fans for months that he planned to hit them up with something new before the year is out, Cudder said, “As you know the past few years I’ve been a machine… I’ve been so inspired and in the studio cooking and trying new things. I started something towards the end of the last year I really think is something special.”

While he did not provide specific details on that mystery project, after a long, thoughtful pause to collect his thoughts, Cudi promised to give a taste of the new phase “soon,” which might include some new music before summer’s end. “Something tasty, something new,” he teased, noting that every one of his album phases is a “reinvention.”

“You know me, you know I always like to switch it up, try something new, challenge myself,” he said. “And I think this is going to remind people of the days where I was really… really trying to explore and feel something in the music.” He said his Insano album and the 2024 reissue, Insano (Nitro Mega), inspired him to elevate his live shows and the goal with the unnamed upcoming project is to bring the joy. Cudi also said he tried to tap into an “elevated” version of the kind of big, anthemic songs his fans love, naming “Up Up & Away” and “Erase Me” and “Heart of a Lion” as examples.

“I want you to know that this s–t is not a game for me,” he concluded. “I work really hard to create new experiences for you guys sonically. When I say you have never heard anything quite like this from me before and that your minds will be blown, I’m not f–king playing games.” He said he could not even explain the vibe of the tracks, but assured fans that it is “some of my best s–t ever… I’m not f–king around.”

Check out Cudi’s video updates below.

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