Kanye West Doesn’t Want Any Smoke With Snoop Dogg — Check The T-Shirt

2018-10-22T10:40:45+00:00October 22nd, 2018|

UGANDA, EAST AFRICA – By now, we all know Snoop Dogg isn’t a fan of a Donald Trump or anyone who backs him. So, when the D-O-Double-G set his sights on Kanye West for his unwavering support of 45, it wasn’t at all surprising.

Now, ‘Ye has attempted to bridge the gap by posting a photo to Twitter of himself wearing a Snoop t-shirt — again.

This time, he wrote “All love” in the caption.

Snoop has been going after ‘Ye for awhile but it seemed he was ready to put it to rest earlier this month. On October 2, Snoop shared a video of ‘Ye rocking a Snoop t-shirt and wrote in the caption, “Forgiveness is everything.”

But that moment was fleeting. Within a few days, the Death Row legend was back to taunting ‘Ye and insinuated the Kiki in Drake’s “In My Feelings” cut was Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian.

“Drake put dick in your bitch,” he said. “Drake, you a cold nigga, cuz. I like that song but I ain’t know why I liked it. Now I know why I like it. ‘Kiki, do you love me? Remember sucking me?’ Yeah, he put dick in your bitch. How about that?”

Snoop, you’re up.

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