Juicy J Fights Systemic Racism in ‘Hella F—in Trauma’ Protest-Inspired Anthem

2020-06-09T14:41:57+00:00June 9th, 2020|

Juicy J channeled a lot of “Hella F—in Trauma” for his latest protest-fueled anthem he posted on SoundCloud yesterday (June 7).

In reviving his trademark muddled Memphis, Tenn. sound, the 45-year-old rapper declares “enough is enough” throughout the song regarding the racist violence plaguing America that has sparked peaceful protests throughout its major and minor cities. He also touched on coronavirus (“I just drank a Corona, is it a virus or what?” he quips) and his spat with Columbia Records.

“When they gon’ stop killin’ n—as man? Enough is enough/ Why they lock up all the real ones man? Enough is enough/…Man, that sh– ain’t right, I know my rights, enough is enough/ I can’t sit back, let ’em take my life, enough is enough,” he spits on the chorus.

The hitmaker even name-checks Tupac when speaking about the modern-day Black Lives Matter movement, rapping on the second verse, “Revolution, I’m feelin’ like Pac/ It’s my time, I’m watchin’ the clock/ No Hell, you ready or not?” Juicy J joins the growing list of all-star artists taking it to the streets to protest with those in their hometowns or hitting the recording booths to release new songs inspired by the whole movement (or both in YG’s case).

Listen to Juicy J’s “Hella F—in Trauma” track and watch the makeshift IGTV music video below.

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