Juice WRLD Is Reincarnated as a Cartoon Samurai in ‘Already Dead’ Video

2022-01-06T13:58:19+00:00January 6th, 2022|

Juice WRLD lives on as an anime samurai warrior in a video for his posthumous track “Already Dead.” The video, released Wednesday (Jan. 5), sees the cartoon version of the rapper battling against an evil samurai version of himself in a fight to the finish.

“You can see the pain in my laugh/ Demons comin’ back from the past/ Feelin’ like I’m ’bout to relapse/ Voices in my head/ All I can hear them say/ Is, “Everyone wants me dead”/ Bi—, I’m already dead/ I’ve been dead for years,” Juice raps on the chorus, as both samurai versions of himself leave trails of destruction in their paths.

Halfway through the video, the rapper is seen in a clip telling fans, “Even if it seems like it’s impossible, it’s very, very possible. So don’t get nervous if you have a big goal. Just chip away at it until you get to where you need to be.”

The video for “Already Dead” arrives on the heels of Juice’s second posthumous album, Fighting Demons, which was released Dec. 10. The album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and atop the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Juice’s mother, Ms. Carmella Wallace, announced the album’s arrival with a statement on Nov. 11.

“There was nothing Jarad ‘Juice WRLD’ Higgins enjoyed more than delivering new music to his millions of fans around the world. He left behind an astonishingly deep catalog of music that will ensure his fans will have new songs to listen to for years to come,” she shared. “Jarad was always searingly honest about his struggles and through his musical genius he articulated what was on his heart and mind vividly through his art. He never gave up and had many loved ones and friends around him who never gave up on offering their support to him.”

Watch the video for “Already Dead” below.

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