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Joyner Lucas is celebrating getting Rihanna’s autograph after meeting her at a party.

Filming the encounter on his Instagram, Joyner can be seen sitting opposite RiRi on a long table at a charity event hosted by Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee.

Joyner, who was sat next to Paris Hilton and Cardi B, asked Rihanna to sign what appeared to be a programme with her face on it and she duly obliged.

Before she signs it, Rihanna says to Joyner: “You’re the real deal, ya’ll.”

Joyner then shows a close up of the autograph which reads: “To my boy Joyner.” The rapper then excitedly says “Let’s go,” as he reveals how happy he is to get the signature.

Lucas recently celebrated the release of his second album Not Now I’m Busy which features guest appearances from Conway the Machine, Logic and the late DMX among others.

Lucas also recently dished on his relationship with Eminem and how he eventually came to understand Slim Shady’s caginess around new people.

“Getting on the phone with him, you can probably hop on the phone quicker with Barack [Obama] than you can hop on the phone with Marshall. That n-gga’s calling you from a line with his manager’s assistant who is calling you from a 1800 number and it’s like elevator music and, ‘Please hold, Marshall’s coming to the phone.’”

He continued: “You can’t have his number. Nobody has his number. He’s not accessible. You can’t talk to him. It’s like hopping on the phone with the president.”

Joyner then recalled how a conversation with both Royce Da 5’9″ and Slim Shady himself made him realize why the self-proclaimed Rap God prefers to keep to himself.

“I always wondered why this n-gga move like that. I had a conversation with him on the shoot of ‘Lucky You’ and he was in his trailer and I was like, ‘Yeah man, anytime you wanna talk, you can hit me,’” he remembered.

“He was like, ‘Yeah’ but I could tell he was real standoffish. I asked Royce [Da 5’9″] why he’s like that. He was like, ‘That n-gga’s been through a lot of shit. He’s very closed-off from people.”

Lucas concluded by saying: “I never understood it but when I was experiencing the shit I was experiencing, I got it instantly. I’m like, ‘This is why this motherfucker doesn’t want new friends.’”

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