Joe Budden Says He’ll End CyHi The Prynce’s Career If He Comes Out Of Retirement

2019-01-15T10:51:10+00:00January 15th, 2019|

Joe Budden is threatening to take out CyHi The Prynce and any other rapper who wants to face off against him in a rap battle.

During the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the retired MC claimed CyHi “doesn’t want any type of smoke” with him. When co-hosts Mal and Rory questioned Budden about CyHi’s challenge to a $500,000 rap battle, Budden sent a loud and clear message to CyHi and his rap peers.

“Hey, any of you rappers, it’s still Joe,” he exclaimed. “Put the fuckin’ record out and say what you gotta say. Don’t talk about it my nigga, I’m here. I’m not scared of none of these rappers!”

After Mal backed CyHi’s rhyme skills and Rory asked if Budden will come out of retirement, the former Slaughterhouse member declared himself as a rapper who can’t be topped on the mic.

“When Joe gets some time and if he put a record out, that will be the end of him,” Budden told his co-hosts. “Don’t get CyHi’s ass tore up.”

Budden went deeper into his rant about CyHi’s $500,000 proposal, claiming his potential opponent must put up his own money — not Kanye West’s — for the proposed battle to occur.

“When he gets his own fuckin’ money to put up, don’t bet me with Kanye money,” Budden said. “Get your pen and your money. That sound like Cassidy. In 2003 when I said Cassidy, you don’t want no fuckin’ smoke, you know what Cassidy had? His pen and Swizz (Beatz). No!

“Get your pen and get your money and come fuck with me. And this podcast will take a two-month break, and I will put CyHi’s ass in the ground off of retirement!”

Check out the entire episode of The Joe Budden Podcast below.

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