Jermaine Dupri Urges Fans To “Feel The Beets & Lose The Meats” For PETA

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Jermaine Dupri is a Grammy Award-winning producer, Hip Hop mogul, member of the Songwriter Hall of Fame and longtime vegan.

The So So Def mastermind says his journey started years ago after he completed a 24-day Master Cleanse and wanted to retain that same energy. Ultimately, he decided to adopt a plant-based, vegan diet.

To celebrate his healthy lifestyle, Dupri is proclaiming “Feel the beets and lose the meats” in a new PETA campaign.

I teamed up with @peta to tell you why #VeganLife is the best life 🌱

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“I want the world to know the vegan lifestyle, to me, is the best lifestyle,” Durpi says in a video. “I feel like anybody that has a problem with their energy level being right, tired all the time, you can definitely feel the difference. A vegan lifestyle puts you on that track to just be healthy.”

According to a press release, for every person who goes vegan, nearly 200 animals are “spared daily misery and a terrifying death” every year. It reduces the risk of heart disease, obesity, cancer, strokes, and numerous other ailments.

Dupri joins artists such as RZA, Masta Killah, Paul McCartney, Eve and P!nk who have teamed up with PETA to promote kindness to animals.

In an episode of HipHopDX’s Soulful Sundays, Dupri talks So So Def’s legacy while grubbing on his vegan plate.

Check out the episode below.

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