Jeezy Hears From 50 Cent & Freddie Gibbs After Dissing Both on ‘Therapy for My Soul’

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Before he battles Gucci Mane in Thursday night’s (Nov. 19) Verzuz season 2 opener, Jeezy released a track that calls out two different opponents: 50 Cent and Freddie Gibbs.

On Tuesday, the Snowman dropped “Therapy for My Soul,” the first single from his upcoming 10th studio album The Recession 2, which will be released Friday. In the diss track, he first addresses his age-old beef with Gibbs, who signed to Jeezy’s CTE World record label in 2011. However, creative and business differences caused a rift between the two and they ended their label relationship the following year.

“If 1-5 wasn’t my dawg, I would’ve touched them/ When that sh– went down with Gibbs, I couldn’t trust him/ Invested my hard earned money, tied up my bread/ But he gon’ try to tell you I’m flawed, that’s in his head/ It’s happening just the way that I said it, good on your own/ And if I’m honest, nothin’ gangsta about you, leave this alone, yeah,” he raps.

Later in the diss track, Jeezy calls out 50 Cent for his financial woes by alluding to the Starz drama series Power he executively produces and drags the rapper for his incessant trolling on Instagram.

“Since we talkin’ boss talk, let’s address the sucka sh–/ Grown man playin’ on Instagram real sucka sh–,” Jeezy raps. “Why the f— this clown n—a playin’ with my legacy?/ Solid in these streets, that’s some sh– that you will never be/ Talking ’bout power, but weak n—as do the most/ In real life, n—a you really borrow money from Ghost/ All that lil’ boy sh–, yeah, it make it evident/ Made millions in these streets, what the f— is 50 Cent?”

Gibbs took to Twitter the day the song dropped to clown his former label boss, writing, “BMF put U in a headlock in front of me. U gotta come harder than this snow flake.” He also reposted one of Jeezy’s TikTok videos from April, where the 43-year-old rapper performed an electrifying dance around a grocery store soundtracked by his track “Poppin’.”

“I can’t beef with n—a u got it snow U won,” Gibbs teased with a sequence of laughing emojis. He also referenced Jeezy’s Verzuz battle Thursday night against Gucci Mane, who was charged with murder in the 2006 shooting death of Jeezy’s friend and former labelmate Pookie Loc. (The rapper was later acquitted of the charges.) “@jeezy n—a smoked yo partner and u bout to sit in the room and do a verzuz wit him,” he tweeted. “Don’t talk no street sh– to me fam.”

On the other hand, Fif wasn’t quite done with his notorious Instagram antics and shared a picture of Isaac Hayes wearing a black beret, similar to the one Snowman is sporting in the single’s black-and-white cover art. “Anything to try and sell a record, I guess?” he captioned the since-deleted post. “I’m not available this week, ‘FOR LIFE’ is coming on at 10 p.m. tonight. I’m busy LOL. #yoursh–istrash.”

While Fif was busy last night watching the premiere of the crime drama series For Life on Hulu, which he also executive produces, Jeezy has other plans this week with his Verzuz battle against Guwop and the release of his new album. The highly anticipated Verzuz face-off will commence at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Instagram Live and Apple Music.

Listen to Jeezy’s “Therapy for My Soul” below.

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