JAY-Z’s NFL Team Ownership In Question Following New CBS Sports Report

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Сonflicting reports have surfaced suggesting JAY-Z is nowhere near to becoming a co-owner of a NFL team.

According to CBS Sports, sources connected to NFL ownership and the league office say it’s nothing more than a “TMZ-reported rumor” and there are “no plans in place” for the newly minted Hip Hop billionaire to become a NFL owner.

The sources added the alleged rumor had people within the Roc Nation team and NFL offices trying to determine where the information originated.

It’s possible Hov could acquire part of a team at some point through his work with the league and its owners. But first, he would have to be vetted and approved by membership.

“Those kinds of deals don’t exist in the NFL,” an ownership-level source told CBS Sports. “There is no ownership component to this arrangement.”

Chatter about his NFL team co-ownership started shortly after it was announced Jay and Roc Nation had partnered with the NFL for a music and social justice campaign.

The bold business move has created a flurry of controversy with many detractors citing the move to be a slap in Colin Kaepernick’s face.

JAY-Z raised a few eyebrows earlier this week when it was announced he and Roc Nation have decided to partner with the NFL for a music and social justice campaign.

According to TMZ Sports, the Hip Hop billionaire is poised to become a co-owner of an unspecified NFL team “in the near future.”

Sources close to the situation state Hov is not only a “huge fan” of the NFL team but also wants to continue to be a “change agent” for the professional football league. They added, “Jay is not an NFL agent and does not take part in the operations of the NFL players in Roc Nation.”

Jay drew criticism from some people who see it as a slap in Colin Kaepernick’s face. The former San Francisco 49er quarterback attracted national attention when he started kneeling during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial injustice.

But as reported by the New York Times, Hov plans to contribute to the league’s Inspire Change initiative, a campaign created after multiple players followed Kaepernick’s lead. Despite Jay’s intentions, Kaepernick’s girlfriend and radio personality Nessa expressed her disappointment.

“I don’t mind you doing a business deal – but I do mind you wrapping it in social justice when you’re working with an organization that denies someone an opportunity,” she said during her Hot 97 show.

In an Instagram post, she added, “It’s typical for the NFL to buy different PR looks to cover up their dirt – that’s nothing new. But what is disgusting and disappointing is Jay-Z let them use him.”

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We will never turn our backs on @kaepernick7 because your idols decided to work with the same organization that is actively keeping Colin unemployed all because he peacefully protested against social injustice in black and brown communities, specifically police brutality. So really, how can Jay-Z and the NFL utter social justice in their partnership while keeping Colin unemployed because of his social justice work? • • It’s typical for the NFL to buy different PR looks to cover up their dirt-that’s nothing new. But what is disgusting and disappointing is Jay-Z let them use him. Whether Jay-Z knew it or not (I don’t doubt his intelligence-so I would think he knew) he helped the NFL bury who he said is an iconic figure, Colin Kaepernick. • • Don’t tell me there’s a “master plan and wait for it” because the ONLY reason anything would ever change is because THE PEOPLE are loud and clear and won’t let the league buy their loyalty with their disingenuous moves. The people are letting the league and anyone who works with them know that they aren’t buying the bs. • • Thank you all so much for showing Colin so much support and love. I know for myself, I can’t thank y’all enough for loving my family. • #imwithkap #nokapnonfl ❤️❤️❤️ • • #RP: @kaepernick7: ‪You never turned your back on me or the people, even when the nfl tried to silence your voice & the movement. You’ve never flinched or wavered. I love you Brother! Let’s get it! @E_Reid35‬ ‪ And to the people – I see you, I hear you and I love you! Thank you for having my back!!!✊🏾‬ • • 🎥: @relrelrelrel @djtonedef

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Nessa (and Kaepernick’s attorney) also denied Hov ever spoke to Kaepernick prior to striking the deal.

“THIS is a lie,” she wrote. “COLIN never spoke to Jay-Z and NFL ahead of that deal being done. They NEVER included him in any discussion.”

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