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Wack 100’s outspoken nature often ruffles feathers, and the latest rapper to take issue with the veteran music manager is Jay Electronica.

The Roc Nation MC’s ire stems from disparaging comments Wack made about the Nation of Islam and the famous 1995 Million Man March during a recent Clubhouse conversation with NOI member and entrepreneur Brother Ben X.

The Pacoima, California native raised questions about the money that was raised by the march, which was organized in part by the Nation of Islam, the Black nationalist organization founded by Wallace Fard Muhammad in 1930.

After catching wind of his remarks, Jay Electronica — who is a member of the Nation of Islam himself – called out Wack 100 on Twitter on Monday (May 2).

“@wack100. If you got any questions ask me with yo coon ass,” he wrote. “You out here pressing everybody but the open enemy. Don’t be out here stunting on our lil brother. Press ME about The Nation Of Islam. I got that fire you looking for.”

The New Orleans native posted a screenshot of his tweet on Instagram along with the caption, “KEEP MY NATION’s NAME OUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH @wack100.”

Jay Electronica‘s tirade didn’t end there. The elusive rapper also posted a clip of a speech from longtime Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan that fans will recognize from “Ghost of Soulja Slim,” from his 2020 album A Written Testimony.

“@ SCAREDTODEATHNEGRO @wack100 YOU SIT DOWN AND YOU SHUT YO WEAK KNEED BITCH ASS UP,” he instructed in his Instagram caption.

Jay also commented on Brother Ben X’s Instagram post about his conversation with Wack 100, writing, “Beautifully handled brother. Me on the other hand, only my eyeballs sticking out the mud. I’m with the shits.”

Held on October 16, 1995, the Million Man March saw an estimated 837,000 Black men descend upon the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to promote unity and economic and social self-sustainability in the Black community. According to the Chicago Tribune, the gathering raised around $245,000, despite speakers imploring participants to each donate $1.

During his Clubhouse call with Brother Ben X, Wack 100 questioned where that money went, saying, “I’ve always scratched my head about that Million Man March. I’ve never seen nothing come up. I question that. You know me, I’ma call a spade a spade. Where that money went?”

He added, “That was orchestrated by the Nation of Islam. The money was administered by the Nation of Islam … It was supposed to be this, this and that. I thought I was going to see some schools or maybe some type of funding for child resources. The Million Man March came, a bunch of people raised a bunch of money and then… we didn’t hear nothing.”

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