Jamie Foxx Slams Kanye West’s Presidential Run: ‘Ain’t Got Time for the Bullsh–!!!’

2020-07-10T11:30:41+00:00July 10th, 2020|

Jamie Foxx has been a part of Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping history with Kanye West because of “Gold Digger,” but he’s not sticking around for his 2020 presidential run.

NBA player Stephen Jackson shared a picture of West and President Donald Trump hugging on Instagram Monday (July 6) alongside a tweet from DJ Hed. “No more voting for celebrities who’ve never held public office.. If you wouldn’t hire a plumber to work on the electrical wiring in your house why would you vote this way ?” the social media post read. “America’s obsession with fame / celebrity is the endgame.”

Foxx fired off in the comment section, writing, “Gottda– right!!! Ain’t got time for the bullsh–!!!” The Grammy award-winning musician and pro baller have been preoccupied with George Floyd’s case, whom Jackson considers as a brother. He used the hashtags #justiceforgeorgefloyd and #justiceforbreonnataylor in his caption to turn the attention away from West’s presidential campaign and toward the nationwide campaigns fighting for legal justice in both Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s unlawful deaths.

Foxx joins Band of Ghosts lead singer Eric Balfour, DJ Vlad, and other artists strongly opposing West’s presidential run, which has yet to be proven official with actual paperwork.

Check out Jackson’s Instagram post and Foxx’s comment below.

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