James Corden Helps The Weeknd Prepare for Super Bowl Halftime Show

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The Weeknd may have been busy preparing to take the stage for his Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show on Sunday but late-night host James Corden was ready to offer some help.

“This year CBS is hosting the Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show and I knew sooner or later the network’s biggest star would have to pitch in and help out,” Corden, whose Late Late Show airs on CBS, said to the camera. “So when the Weeknd was really struggling with his big halftime performance, guess who he called?”

But when the camera cued to The Weeknd, the singer quipped, “I didn’t call anyone. Dude just showed up.”

While in rehearsals, Corden surprised the singer by walking in in the same red suit as well as bandages around his face (the singer has become notoriously known for wearing bandages throughout his performances as part of a narrative storyline for his After Hours album.)

The late-night host told The Weeknd that he was sent by CBS to lend some “star power” to the big show and was there to offer some tips. “The Weeknd’s great but what about the five other days of the week? That’s where I come in,” Corden said.

In order to “elevate” the singer’s performance, Corden welcomed his “Corden Crew” to assist give The Weeknd some “razzle dazzle.” “After lockdown I was excited to collaborate with people. But I don’t like this at all,” The Weeknd told the cameras.

Later on, Corden and his crew performed dance moves for the singer to use in his show including the sprinkler, the shopping cart and the lasso. “James this isn’t working,” The Weeknd told him.

Corden later offered voice lessons to help the singer be able to project his voice for the large stadium, a bootcamp resembling that of NFL players and kept throwing footballs at the singer while he sang to prepare him for distractions.

After a “rollercoaster day,” the late-night host said he finally convinced The Weeknd to try his way, which included performing while breaking out the sprinkler dance and jazz hands.

“James I loved it, thank you,” The Weeknd told Corden. But when Corden left, the singer told the crew, to “forget everything we just did” and “never let that man in this building again.”

Watch the full segment below.

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