Jack Harlow Talks His Dream Collaboration & Early Mixtapes on ‘TODAY’

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Jack Harlow is the latest musician to visit TODAY‘s Citi Concert Series. He appeared on the morning show Friday (Aug. 12) to perform a few of his hits and discuss his career before he made it big, how his parents inspired him to go all in on music and who his one dream collaboration is.

The 24-year-old rapper credited his mother several times for being the one to introduce him to rap music, and encouraged him to pursue his dreams within the genre. “She was always pushing me to put the time in. One of the biggest things she told me was 10,000 hours and just to give it everything,” Harlow told the TODAY hosts. “But my parents just wanted to see how I could do it. They didn’t want me to treat it like a hobby, so I’ve been on it for years now.”

Speaking of his formative years, which saw him upload rap covers to his YouTube channel, the “First Class” hitmaker revealed that the earliest stages of his career saw him dabbling in remixes, as it was a popular medium at the time.

“I was rapping off beats like ‘6 Foot 7 Foot’ and ‘Moment for Life’ and a lot of classics that our generation remembers. ‘Black and Yellow,’ all those beats from the early 2010s, I was doing verses on those. Remixes were really popular, so I wasn’t even really doing a lot of original music,” Harlow explained.

And as for Harlow’s dream collaboration? “Andre 3000, that’s a big one I’ve been manifesting for a while,” he revealed. “A lot of the collaborations you just named are ones that in interviews over the years I hadn’t done yet. … I was like man, I just want Pharrell, Drake — and then they would happen. I’m just gonna keep saying Andre 3000 with faith that it will happen.”

Watch snippets from Harlow’s time on the TODAY show, where he performed “Nail Tech,” “Industry Baby,” “Whats Poppin,” and “First Class.”

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