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Rule has revealed he’s exploring the idea of selling off his lucrative catalog but admitted his deal would be structured differently than most artists’ agreements.

The “Put It On Me” rapper sat down with Bloomberg Business earlier this week where he explained his thought process behind selling his catalog in what he hopes to be a reversion deal which will allow part of what’s sold to be returned to his family down the line.

“I’ve found out recently that my catalog is very lucrative,” he said. “So I’ll be looking [to sell]. I’ve really been talking about doing a reversion deal where I would probably give up half my catalog and it would revert back to my family.”

“I think it’s kinda hard to put a number on the value. Usually, the value of the music starts to go down as the artist starts to go away. The value of the music starts to depreciate.”

@bloombergbusiness #Rapper and media mogul Ja Rule says he’s weighing. selling his #music catalogue. He sat down with Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu and Romaine Bostick to discuss the value of music. #musictiktok #JaRuke #rap ♬ original sound – Bloomberg Business

While he didn’t put a number on his own catalog, Ja predicted that with the value of artists’ shares of streams going up, the value of their discographies will as well.

“So it’s kinda weird but what’s happening now is right now we get less than a fraction of a cent for a stream, but that number is going up,” he continued. “It’s going up to about 15 percent. So with that happening, I think a lot of these companies are realizing the money that’s out there.”

According to Billboard, the Murder Inc. rhymer has eight Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hits to his name (“Always On Time,” “Mesmerize,” “Livin It Up,” “Ain’t It Funny,” “Wonderful,” “Down 4 U,” “Put It On Me” and “I’m Real”) with three tracks topping the Hot 100 and two albums going No. 1.

Ja Rule wouldn’t be the first Hip Hop artist to sell their catalog as Metro Boomin, Dr. Dre,Iggy Azalea, Future, Mannie Fresh,Zaytoven, Chuck D and more have all made lucrative deals as of late.

Meanwhile, Ja Rule recently acknowledged that his fusion of Hip Hop and R&B has been a major influence on music today, particularly with artists like Drake.

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