Ja Rule Drags “Ol Ho” 50 Cent On Social Media

2018-10-29T09:34:14+00:00October 29th, 2018|

The feud between 50 Cent and Ja Rule has been ongoing for years. The bad blood continued to boil earlier this week when 50 clowned Ja Rule’s Murda Inc. fam Ashanti for low ticket sales.

The Power exec then upped the ante and decided to buy 200 seats to Ja Rule’s upcoming concert so the seats would be empty. Now, Fiddy’s old adversary has fired back on social media with a couple of posts, including two with 50 in full makeup.

“This looks fit you Ol ho ass nigga…@50Cent,” Ja Rule wrote on Sunday (October 28).

Ja Rule also shared another photo of a man dressed in drag who has his arm around 50. He added a sex toy to 50’s gun holster and a purple strap-on to his friend’s fanny pack standing off to the side, a nod to 50’s signature catchphrase, “Get the strap.”

“DAMN BUCK I GUESS THE CAT IS OUT THE BAG!” he wrote across the photo. “FUCK IT! GET THE STRAP …….ON.”

He added in the caption, “So this what goes on at them effen vodka events… drink responsibly fellas!! #birdsofafeather @50cent sassy…”

But, Ja Rule wasn’t done there. He also hopped on Twitter to proclaim their perceived “beef” was nothing but comedy.

“This beef is a JOKE to everyone except this lil ape looking bitch,” he captioned another photo of 50 in makeup. “she mad mad!!!!!”

50, you’re up.

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