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J. Cole has received an apology from 03 Greedo for calling him “trash.”

The Los Angeles rapper verbally tore Cole apart during an interview with VladTV in 2018, admitting he “hated” his music and calling him “lame.”

But Greedo took to Twitter on Sunday (May 21) to address his comments from five years ago, sending a formal apology to J. Cole while praising him as “top tier” rapper.

“Dear J.Cole i was 103% inaccurate about you being [trash],” he wrote. “You kill every fuccin feature. So id like to take my 2018 statements bacc @JColeNC is top tier. I was just trying to express myself believing n-ggas with street images don’t get counted as lyricist.”

During his aforementioned VladTV interview, 03 Greedo criticized J. Cole’s music while calling him out for his hair and style.

“I don’t like anything from J. Cole, whether his album is coming out or not,” he said at the time. “I didn’t even know that n-gga was dropping an album, to be real. I saw some news and saw J. Cole name and I got mad — I always get mad. I hate that n-gga music. I don’t hate him personally, I wouldn’t like beat him up or try to start something. [His music] is trash.

“J. Cole not like that bro, but looking at you [DJ Vlad], you’re the kinda guy he makes music for, you feel me? The plain old background guy — ‘I’m chilling, I want a calmed down life,’ you know what I’m saying? I’m making music for the n-ggas who done lost somebody in the system, lost somebody in the streets, n-ggas who wanna show that we really got a heart even though we out here thuggin.’

“I don’t relate to that shit — he ain’t getting no fucking hair done or haircut. That man look crazy. So he gon’ have these young n-ggas that look up to him walking around like that. Got my lil’ nephews and shit looking crazy. No, n-gga, you should be dressed to impress.”

03 Greedo also brought up his issues with the Dreamville founder’s comments about rappers who drink lean, while mocking his “Wet Dreamz” music video about losing his virginity.

“Your music gotta have more umph to it, and you gon’ make music about how other people’s music is not good when you’re really making bad music?” he said. “You’re going against the grain and tryna tell people, ‘Your ears are wrong, what you like is stupid,’ you feel me? ‘These n-ggas just wanna drink lean.’

“There’s a way you can say that’s going on in the culture without tryna shit on people. That n-gga lame as fuck for that shit — his point of view is dumb. He making a video with dogs about losing his virginity, and the dogs are playing him and the girl… what type of loser, lame, weird — kick him in the ass and get him outta here!”

He added: “The fuck is he doing? Wrap your shit up and go. That shit lame, bro. I don’t like that shit.”

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