Isaiah Rashad Sex Tape Leaks Online – Outing Him In The Process

2022-02-10T17:24:11+00:00February 10th, 2022|

Just hours after Lil Fizz and Nelly became victims of a sex tape leak, Isaiah Rashad’s private life is being spread all over Twitter, too. On Wednesday (February 9), footage of the elusive rapper both giving and receiving oral sex started making the rounds. But much to the surprise of some of his fans, not a single woman was involved. In fact, everyone participating in the intimate act were men.

While this appears to confirm Rashad’s sexuality, many people have run to his defense and are criticizing anyone who would be so cruel as to expose someone in this manner. As one person tweeted, “Isaiah rashad being gay is random as fuck but being so interested in what ppl do behind closed doors is even weirder lmao got nothing to do wit y’all n-ggas.”

Rashad has had a tumultuous ride over the last few years. Last May, the Top Dawg Entertainment artist spoke to The Fader and talked about his struggles with addiction and how the success of his 2016 album The Sun’s Tirade led him to some dark places. As he became more financially independent, he invited some of his friends to crash with him at his Los Angeles pad and ended up funding their expensive habits while getting drunk before noon.

“And then…I ended up sleeping on my homie’s couch for like four or five months,” he said. “It was the quickest fall from grace I could ever imagine.”

His substance abuse issues became so glaringly obvious, other TDE artists started referring to him as Bobby Brown, who famously struggled with drugs his entire career.

“I was really disgruntled,” he admitted. “Instead of just explaining myself, I just assumed that n-ggas knew. Or I would just be drunk spazzing. And nobody hears that. They just hear that you’re drunk. You know they called me Bobby Brown? That shit hurt the fuck out of my feelings. That’s the worst type of vibe ever.”

But Rashad’s fans are coming to his aid. One person wrote, “My heart goes out to Isaiah Rashad. He has been through a lot these past few years and the last thing he needs is an absurd invasion of privacy. No one deserves to be exposed against their wishes,” while another added, “Not only is the Isaiah Rashad thing a shitty situation because someone’s private sex tape is being leaked without their permission, but they also basically outed someone’s sexuality to the whole world. For what, exactly? No new music was gained, so why leak it.”

Rashad has yet to address the situation publicly. Meanwhile, Nelly has already issued an apology for the lewd video that was mistakenly uploaded to his Instagram Stories on Tuesday (February 8).

“I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family, this is unwanted publicity for her/them,” the St. Louis rapper said in a statement to TMZ. “This was an old video that was private and never meant to go public.”

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