Ice Cube Tells Tucker Carlson He Refused ‘Rush Job’ COVID Vaccine: ‘I Didn’t Feel Safe’

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Ice Cube took a drive around South Central Los Angeles with fired Fox commentator Tucker Carlson on the latest episode of the controversial host’s new Twitter (né “X”) show on Tuesday and held forth on his opposition to the COVID-19 vaccines. “I never wanted to be controlled,” said the rapper born O’Shea Jackson, 54, during the chat.

“It wasn’t ready. It was six months, kind of a rush job. And I didn’t feel safe,” added Cube about the more than 670 million doses of vaccine administered to U.S citizens between Dec. 2020 and March 2023, which the CDC deemed “safe and effective,” with “rare” side effects; in fact, the CDC to date has confirmed just 9 deaths directly attributable to the COVID-19 vaccines as a result of a rare blood clot caused by the Johnson & Johnson shot. In addition, a December report from the Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy claiming that through Nov. 2022 the vaccines prevented more than 18.5 million U.S. hospitalizations and 3.2 million deaths, while saving the country $1.15 trillion.

The segment opened with Cube giving a smiling Carlson a driving tour through his childhood South Central neighborhood, during which the host was asked if he’d gotten vaccinated during the pandemic. “Of course not,” Carlson chuckled, noting that “they told you you were safe” in reference to the shots that were swiftly developed by the Trump administration to combat the global pandemic that killed nearly seven million people and resulted in 768 million cases of the disease.

A piece of tape rolled out in the 12-minute interview reported that Cube lost out on a $9 million payday for the film Oh Hell No because of his refusal to get the jab. “I know what they said. I heard what they said, I heard them loud and clear,” Cube said of his decision to not get vaxxed. “It’s not their decision. There is no repercussions if they are wrong. I get all the repercussions if they are wrong.” Cube said he wanted to be an example for his children and to ensure that they also declined to get vaccinated.

“Show them that I was wiling to stand on my convictions and that I was willing to lose $9 million and more,” he said in reference to the comedy he was slated to star in with Jack Black. Carlson then posited that America typically holds up people who stand by their convictions as heroes, noting that Cube was not treated that way for his stance on vaccines while rolling an SNL bit mocking the rapper for his vaxx veto.

“I never told anyone not to get vaccinated publicly,” Cube said of the shots that the New York Times reported went into the arms of more than 5.55 billion people around the world, representing nearly 72.3 percent of the global population. Actually, he added, he didn’t want anyone to know whether he’d been vaccinated or not, saying he was “pretty upset” when the information leaked. “I was going to quietly not take it and deal with the consequences as they came,” he said.

And, despite the low reported adverse reactions to the shots, Cube claimed he knows people who “suffer every day” from vaccine injuries. “It’s hard to watch,” he said without offering any details about the alleged injuries.

Cube also noted that he doesn’t give money to politicians because he doesn’t “believe” in them due to what he deemed their “hidden agendas.” He did, however, say he was “proud” that America elected Pres. Obama, before lamenting that “not much changed for people I know,” as Carlson loaded up a montage of news footage of Black Lives Matter protests and street violence.

The next episode of the conversation is slated to have the pair sitting down in Cube’s studio. Carlson was fired from his top-rated Fox News channel show in April after the network settled a massive lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems for $787 million over the conservative outlet’s admission that it aired false claims about the company’s ballot-counting machines. Carlson launched his Twitter show in June with strong ratings, but Business Insider reported recently that his viewership tanked by 86% within a month.

Check out the Cube chat here.

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