Ice Cube Calls Out ‘SNL’ for Mocking Him & ‘Trying to Reduce Me to Greed’

2020-11-03T16:40:02+00:00November 3rd, 2020|

Ice Cube is the latest celebrity to be parodied on Saturday Night Live, thanks to his controversial meeting with Donald Trump to work on his administration’s so-called “Platinum Plan” for Black America.

In the clip from over the weekend (Oct. 31), Democratic nominee Joe Biden (played by Jim Carrey) is seen in a Halloween-decorated living room, begging America not to vote for Trump, even though Ice Cube and Lil Wayne are.

Cube and Wayne, played by Kenan Thompson and Chris Reed respectively, then appear following a terrifying lightning strike, decked in even more terrifying MAGA hats.

“Why in the name of all that is holy would you be voting for Trump?” asked Carrey.

“Taxes!” they replied in unison, in reference to the Biden administration’s tax plan, which would increase taxes for the wealthy. “Plus, Trump’s got a new Platinum Plan,” Reed continued, before Thompson added, “That’s right. If you got a platinum record, you can plan on him doing a photo op with you.”

Ice Cube, upon seeing the sketch, retweeted the clip with a string of laughing emojis, before taking on a more serious tone. “f— you SNL…trying to reduce me to greed.”

See below.

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