Here’s Why Saweetie Had to Take Her Tongue Piercing Out

2021-05-26T09:56:29+00:00May 26th, 2021|

Back in college, Saweetie wanted to pierce her tongue — but she wanted a burger even more.

In her new Behind the Tweets video on Twitter, Saweetie revisited some of her previous posts, including one from Jan. 11 when she recalled her college piercing: “I got my tongue pierced jr yr in college lmaooooo I was going through it.”

What was she going through? Well, her swollen tongue made it so she couldn’t eat, and anyone who follows Saweetie knows that’s a nonstarter.

“You know your girl loves to eat,” she laughs in the video. “So I remember I thugged it out for like a week. I was eating nothing but soup. But then one day, I was just really craving a cheeseburger. So I popped it out so I could eat my cheeseburger.”

Watch the full video below, in which she also reveals that her “superpower” is dreaming up wild food concoctions, like her controversial spaghetti with ranch dressing.

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