GloRilla Reacts To Fan Installing Wig Glo Ripped Off Her Own Head During Concert

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A lucky GloRilla fan decided to install the wig she caught after the Memphis rapper tossed it into the crowd during a recent performance.

A GloRilla superfan now shares an unusual bond with the rapper after ending up with a piece of the star following one of her recent shows.

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The CMG artist tossed her wig into the crowd during her show in Philadelphia on Sunday (Feb. 26), after fans tried to snatch it off her head while she was crowd surfing. However, one lucky GloRilla enthusiast walked away with the star’s green and black hairpiece.


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Since flying through the air, GloRilla’s wig has been on quite a journey, ultimately ending up gracing a fan’s head.

Instagram user Bigboujiela shared a video of the moment GloRilla ripped the wig off and launched it into the air. The clip shows the ensuing melee as fans scramble to get hold of the memento. In another snippet, Bigboujiela can be seen showing off her prized possession while on the way home from the concert.


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The GloRilaa fan captioned the video “best day everrr,” adding, “going to cherish this wig with my life 😂💯!

A few days later, Bigboujiela returned to Instagram to flaunt the newly installed wig.

“Watch out for the internet trolls. S/o BIG GLO 😘” she wrote alongside photos and a video of her installing the hairpiece herself.


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She also tagged GloRilla, who saw the post featuring her old wig freshly installed on her fan’s head. She shared a photo of Bigboujiela wearing the wig and added her approval. “OK, she caught,” the Memphis native penned on her IG story alongside several heart eyes emojis.

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