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Foxy Brown has called out Keith Murray, referring to him as a “crackhead” after he made explicit claims about an alleged sexual encounter they had.

Murray, speaking to The Art of Dialogue, told a story last week about how he and Brown allegedly hooked up after a show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles while she was dating Kurupt.

“We rocked hardcore, went into the hotel and she gave me hardcore head,” the Lyrical Lexicon said as he acted out his reaction to Brown allegedly giving him oral sex. “I ate her pussy but I never fucked her.”

He added: “She was with Kurupt at the time, so we was coming out of the hotel after she gave me head and we was coming and Kurupt was coming.”

Murray went on to claim that Brown could “suck a nickle through a straw,” and said he believed Brown might have been trying to pit him and Kurupt against each other.

While Foxy Brown initially laughed off the comments, the “Get Me Home” rapper has since taken a more confrontational stance, and accused Murray of being on drugs.

Brown’s comments were also partially in response to Saigon, who tweeted out last week that Murray’s claims were all made in order to stoke controversy, and to show how easy it was to become a trending topic.

“Keith Murray hit me and said ‘Saigon I bet U I can be trending overnight… He said these people out here are STUPID AF and pretty much sheep who will follow, engage and partake in ANYTHING’.. Guess he was right,” Saigon tweeted.

“Crackhead ass Murray wanna die for a lie,” Brown wrote on her Instagram Stories, elsewhere adding: “Boy fucked up adding my name to that fairytale…Now somebody yell dope fiend ass Keith Murray we wanna book him for a walk thru. (1500 and a bg of Jums)…Fuck a dog first pussy.”

In another conversation with The Art of Dialogue, Murray detailed a similar experience with Shawnna, where he said he “ate her pussy” during an alleged hook-up in Miami.

Shawnna has since responded in a similar fashion to Foxy Brown, criticizing the “goofy bitches” who were flocking to her page in wake of the allegations and told them to get lost.

“If y’all here bc of Keith you can gone back home,” she wrote. “I know you leaf heads stick together…Goofy bitches I coulda agreed you dumb mf.”

While speaking on his alleged time with Brown, Keith Murray went on to also criticize the rapper for her promiscuous behavior, and said she represented a time when females were “no fucking good.”

“That’s when I knew females are no fucking good,” Murray said. “She’s a main artist, wopping me off, married to this dude. But I don’t know if they were married at that time. It was around that era and they was beefing with the other girl Kurupt was with at that time. Word.”

He continued: “Could you imagine your wife a rapper wopping off a n-gga and then walking. She was trying to use me. It could have been guns popping that night in there in that lobby.”

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