Eminem Raps Hiero Lyrics To André 3000 Instead Of Responding To Nick Cannon

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Eminem has gone radio silent in terms of Nick Cannon, but evidently that’s not stopping him from using Twitter — he’s just not addressing his longtime foe.

Instead, Slim Shady hopped on the social media platform and shared an article about André 3000’s recent sit-down with Rick Rubin for the Broken Record podcast. During the conversation, the Outkast luminary recalled calling Eminem to geek out over Hieroglyphics’ lyrics.

“Me and Eminem, we sat on the phone for about an hour talking about Hieroglyphics crew,” he said. “we were trading their lyrics on the phone like, ‘Do you remember, man?’ They sparked so much, they opened up a new door for everybody. Just to around that time and to be … we were out when Wu was out. We were out when Nas was out. But we were from the South and we had to step up.”

So, Shady decided to spit some lines from the Souls Of Mischief cut “Never No More” for old time’s sake.

“If I had to grip my pad the riffs I’d grab would rip and stab, the kids that sad, the shit that’s drab and flavorless,” he wrote. “You’re up Andre!”

While speaking to HipHopDX, Hieroglyphics MC Tajai talked about 3 Stacks’ comments and was honored to be included in the conversation.

“Outkast and Eminem have always shown us their appreciation for what we do,” Tajai tells HipHopDX. “We have even been told by D12 associates that we were a favorite of Proof’s — rest in power. I remember seeing a Hiero sticker in 8 Mile in their studio and being super pleased.

“It is a great feeling to hear that they talked candidly amongst themselves about us and for the world to hear it as well. We are often called ‘rapper’s rappers’ and to hear this validated by two of the all-time greatest is an honor.”

“Never No More” comes from Souls Of Mischief’s 93 Til Infinity masterpiece.

Revisit the track below and check out the Broken Record podcast here.

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