#DXCLUSIVE: Dax Delivers For The Family With “I Did It First” Video

2019-05-27T10:09:41+00:00May 27th, 2019|

Ottawa, Canada – Currently on a two-month tour alongside Stange Music capo Tech N9ne, buzzing rapper Dax is showing no signs of slowing down his already impressive 2019 run. As promised (and heavily promoted) to his Instagram “family,” he drops off his latest single and video, “I Did It First.”

“This video speaks volumes … it connects on all levels,” Dax tells HipHopDX. “I hope it resonates with people to try to find the light in every dark place. The song in itself is about overcoming challenges and becoming victorious.”

In addition to a powerful underlying message, the song is also seemingly laced with subliminal jabs at detractors — with his success being the ultimate revenge.

One bar in particular, “Local rappers and trappers be trying to shoot me/they testin’ me like I’m Maury,” could easily be understood as a reference to his confrontation by with Tory Lanez following the release of his diss record.

Next up for Dax is his Fuck Love project, but before that he’s pledged to release six “Infinity Stone” raps that will “lyrically disrupt the fucking world.

“[The songs will] prove why I’m a going to be one of the top MC’s ever to pick up a pen,” he says.

Watch Dax’s “I Did It First” video above.

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