#DXCLUSIVE: D12’s Bizarre Takes Aim At Machine Gun Kelly With “Sniper (Fuck Machine Guns)”

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HIPHOPDX PREMIERE – The Hip Hop world has been holding its collective breath waiting on a response from Eminem to Machine Gun Kelly’s “Rap Devil” diss track. According to Em’s recent interview with Sway Calloway, it’s unlikely anything will materialize.

That’s where Bizarre comes in. After hearing “Rap Devil” earlier this month, Shady’s former D12 compadre issued a stern warning to MGK and warned him of the repercussions. On Monday (September 10), a clip of Bizarre listening to a verse of his starting floating around online, and it was obvious Bizarre was locked and loaded.

It turns out the track, “Sniper (Fuck Machine Guns),” comes from an aspiring 20-year-old rapper from Boise, Idaho named DAv1d. He felt compelled to get Bizarre on the track to take it to the next level.

“I heard ‘Rap Devil’ and it just spurred me to respond, so I began writing the song and decided to reach out to bizarre for a verse,” he tells HipHopDX. “A couple days later, the song was finished.

“When I heard Em diss Kelly I thought it was deserved. He disrespected eE and then was completely ignorant in his statements that Em has been against him. I liked MGK’s diss and that’s what burned me a lot. I feel like it was prepared for the right moment to spit. I anxiously await the possibility of an Eminem response, but I felt I had to speak my mind.”

DAv1d kicks off the song with a carefully plotted verse.

“It starts out with a light, almost trippy voice complaining about all the hype this beef has caused,” DAv1d explains. “It then goes into the verse jabbing at MGK and how he’s changed to a tamed version of himself, poking fun at his ‘Rap Devil’ line, ‘Slim shady can’t stand up.’ I mock him for lazy writing,

“I profess myself a student of the rap god. After the first verse comes the hook that is a parody of the ‘Lets talk about it’ hook on ‘Rap Devil.’”

Bizarre then comes in with his verses and roasts MGK.

“Who the fuck got Bizarre involved,” he spits. “You know the crime was wrote unsolved/Show some respect/Ain’t mention nothin’/Fuck a machine/I hit with a tech/And I’m old and I’m wiser/And I’m cool and I’m higher/I’m higher than you.

“Tell Marshall I got this/It’s been six months since I’ve seen my therapist/Anybody see Mr. Kelly leaving Ohio?/Believe me, I’m ready/Ready for war, ready to fight/Let me calm down ’cause I’m just too hype.”

Listen to the full track above.

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