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Drake‘s For All the Dogs album still hasn’t arrived but Lil Yachty got his hands on an unreleased version — and it almost caused him to get into a car accident.

Yachty revealed on an episode of his A Safe Place Podcast earlier this week that he almost crashed his car while jamming out to a track from Drizzy’s much anticipated new album.

“I’m so mad because you’re such a terrible driver,” co-host Mitch said. “Do you think Boat can drive?”

Yachty replied: “Nah, I’m not the best. Actually, it’s not that I can’t drive. I don’t.”

“Bro, you’re choosing the worst song to pay attention on the road,” Mitch continued, before Veeze chimed in: “How? When you’re trying to play unreleased Drake. How is that a bad time?”

Lil Boat nodded in agreement with a smile: “For All the Dogs, my boy dropping. Yeah, we gotta plug that.”

With Yachty being a close friend and collaborator of Drake’s — even joining him for select tour dates this summer — many fans took their frustration out on Boat for the 6 God not dropping on Friday (August 25).

He addressed the complaints on Twitter and in a TikTok clip where he didn’t understand why fans thought the album was being released when nobody from the OVO camp ever confirmed that being the case.

“I know y’all thought For All the Dogs was coming out tonight. Jokes on y’all cus nobody ever said that it was. Gotta stop believing shit you hear on the internet,” he explained before plugging his own single “Tesla” that did release. “That was so shameless mentioning Drake’s name to plug myself.”

It remains unclear when For All the Dogs will ultimately arrive but Drake continues to tease the project while on his It’s All A Blur Tour.

@lilyachtyshameless plug, tesla out now

♬ TESLA – Lil Yachty

The 6 God and Yachty’s friendship has grown to a tight-knit bond over recent years and Drake wished Boat a happy birthday on his Instagram Story for the “Minnesota” rapper’s 26th earlier this week.

“By the way it’s my fucking twin’s birthday today. I can’t even pick a pic of him because he’s gonna flame whatever pic I choose. Boat, I feel like if I type the words I won’t get it right. I love you so much, broski,” Drake said.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Lil Yachty came under fire for the way he reacted to Sexyy Red revealing to him that she was a victim of sexual assault.

The conversation unfolded on Yachty’s A Safe Place podcast, in which Lil Boat asked the “Pound Town” hitmaker to talk about the “craziest” thing that’s ever happened to her.

“I got raped before, that’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me,” she replied.

After a brief pause, Lil Yachty and his cohost MitchGoneMad broke out into awkward laughter, before telling Sexyy they weren’t expecting such a heavy answer.

After processing her initial answer, the duo did, however, offer their sympathies to the St. Louis native. “We just wanted to say we are sorry that happened to you,” Mitch said apologetically, while Yachty added: “That is unfortunate.”

Twitter was in an uproar at Lil Yachty’s reaction after the moment went viral, with many fans arguing this is a perfect example of why not everyone needs a podcast.

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