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Drake had a slightly “embarrassing” exchange while trying to gift a fan $500 during his latest Stake live stream, with his card getting declined.

The 6 God, with Lil Yachty in tow, linked up with the betting company on Saturday (June 3) for a generous live stream event that involved Drizzy giving away $1 million to fans.

However, one fan didn’t get the payout they were hoping for as a card that Drake used while trying to gift $500 got declined in what he called an “embarrassing” misstep.

Despite multiple reports suggesting the card belonged to Drake, a closer inspection of the clip reveals it actually belonged to Kick, the gaming and livestreaming platform that hosted his livestream.

Yachty noted that the fan in question was getting a “full” foot massage during the awkward moment, so at least she was enjoying herself.

Check out the video below:

Drake had initially promoted the event by flirting with social media influencer Corinna Kopf, telling the 27-year-old that he’d gladly give her a foot massage.

“THE BOY IS BACK TO CRACK A SAFE @stake SATURDAY THE RETURN OF THE BTC BANDIT AKA ROULETTE RANSACKER AKA PRAGMATIC POACHER AKA HACKSAW HIJACKER,” he wrote on Instagram last week. “I might massage @corinnakopf feet live on air you just never know TUNE IN.”

Kopf — who boasts seven million Instagram followers — replied in the comments section: “I’m waiting.”

Drake partnered with Stake in December 2021 and in the years since has made numerous headlines thanks to his massive bets. Drizzy previously cashed in on eight figures while playing roulette with French Montana and won a $1 million bet on the Kansas City Chiefs during this year’s Super Bowl.

Most recently, Drake made a massive bet just prior to Game 1 between the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat on Thursday (June 1), pledging allegiance to the former via a $250,000 wager. He predicted that the Nuggets will finish the Heat off in 5 games, which would net him $850,000.

Drake also laid out a second bet for $1 million backing the Nuggets to win the series, which would put an extra $230,000 in his deep pockets.

In other news, the Her Loss hitmaker recently made a surprise cameo in the star-studded Season 3 finale of Lil Dicky‘s Dave series on Hulu.

Rolling Stone spoke with Lil Dicky last week to hear more about how the Dave creator linked with Drizzy.

“My real first time I met Drake, I was in the studio with Kanye West. I had no idea Drake was coming. I was on cloud nine with Kanye,” he said. “I was playing the music video for ‘Freaky Friday’ before it came out. I’m already texting GaTa, like, ‘This is the best day of my life. I can’t believe I’m with Kanye right now!’

“And then Drake walks in. I was so ill-prepared to meet Drake. My brain was, like, ‘Oh my god, how am I going to juggle Drake and Kanye?’ I’m a normal guy, and I idolize these men.”

He continued: “I showed Drake the video, too, and Drake said it’s one of the best music videos ever. He literally said it to me. Then I saw him again at a bar, and we really connected and started talking more. He said, ‘Man, I watch your show religiously.’

“I was really moved by it. And then when I shot with him and was hanging out with him, he said, ‘This is one of the most important shows of our generation. The things I care about? I don’t know that there’s more important stuff.’”

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