Drake’s Alleged Son Reportedly Looks Nothing Like Him

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After Pusha T outed Drake for having a “secret son” on his potent diss track “The Story Of Adidon,” more details surrounding the alleged baby’s mother, Sophie Brussaux, and her son Adonis have slowly started to emerge.

According to TMZ, Adonis doesn’t look anything like Drizzy. Sources close to Drake reportedly said the child has blonde hair and blue eyes, leading them to doubt the “Nice For What” rapper is indeed the father.

Although the Toronto superstar hasn’t taken a paternity test, he’s reportedly been sending money to Brussaux at least since the child’s birth.

Sources reportedly said Drake has been too busy traveling to take the DNA test but insist it will happen. They were told Drizzy and Brussaux must be in close proximity to perform the test.

Over the years, several women have claimed to be carrying Drake’s baby but there’s always been a lack of proof.

Drake’s reps reportedly said Brussaux, who worked as a nude model, admitted she’s had multiple relationships with various men.

From May 31, 2018:

Pusha T called Drake out for being a “deadbeat dad” on “The Story Of Adidon” but according to sources close to Drizzy, he’s been financially supporting a child for months.

TMZ reports Drake has been sending money to alleged mother Sophie Brussaux behind the scenes at least since she gave birth. Sources say the Toronto megastar plans to take a DNA test to determine paternity and believes there’s a possibility the child is his.

Drake’s upcoming album will reportedly address the “secret son.”

Brussaux first claimed she was pregnant with Drake’s child last May and doubled down on those claims when she shared photos of a sonogram a couple of weeks later. The two had reportedly met while the “Nice For What” rapper was touring Europe.

Last year, Brussaux reportedly said she had text messages from Drake asking her to get an abortion.

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