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Drake‘s alleged sex tape has got the whole internet talking — including John Cena.

The wrestler and actor reacted to the viral video on Instagram on Wednesday (February 7) by posting an edited picture of WWE legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts with his python draped around him.

Cena edited the picture to put Drake’s face on Roberts’, which had his fans in hysterics.

One commenter said: “You WILD for this, invisible man!”

Another joked: “Mane there ain’t no mistaken this one John done seen drizzys meat.”

Someone else coined a new wrestling-inspired nickname for the Canadian rap star, writing: “Drake The Snake.”


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A short clip of a man alleged to be Drake went viral on social media on Tuesday (February 6), showing them masturbating in bed while naked from the waist down.

The OVO rapper’s only response to the alleged clip of him came during a discussion with streamer Adin Ross.

Ross streamed himself sending Drake a voice memo where he said: “I’m still live, bro. We were just looking at the shit — it’s crazy, bro. God damn, you are blessed with voice, you’re blessed with performing, you’re blessed with being you, you’re blessed to be number one but you’re also blessed to have a fucking missile.”

Drake then allegedly responded, with Ross telling his viewers: “Oh, he just texted me. He put like eight laughing emojis. He said this might be my next album intro.”

Ross’ video later caught the ire of Adam22, who accused the streamer of “stealing” his reaction.

The No Jumper host wrote on X: “Adin Ross stole my reaction to Drake’s dick. He said ‘that man has a missile on him’ which is the exact thing I said 4 months ago when I evaluated a leaked dick pic of his a girl showed me. I’m so influential that top streamers steal my dick ratings. Shit is crazy bro.”

He added: “@adinross you should have at least called me and we could have reacted to his cock together man. You’re coming off of these 21 and Carti streams. You’re killing it man. My shit been quiet since I did the game show to fuck my wife. It would have been easy to collab on that shlong together man. I did your first interview. I guess I just expected more from you.”

Adam22 later apologized to Ross and said he “hoped” there would be more Drake sex tape leaks.

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